THIS IS BIRMINGHAM: A Glimpse of the City's Hidden Treasures


"...a beautifully illustrated journey along the canals and through the back alleys of Birmingham's rich history. This book will be top of my list not only for children... but also for the grown-up kids still playing hide-and-seek in those back alleys."
- Brian Travers, UB40

"Stunningly illustrated...reads like an adventure through time and place"
- The Guardian

"It was a pleasure to read out loud to my 5 and 7 year old daughters, who were genuinely engaged in this story of how human beings have shaped their environment...
"...the theme of the positivity of human endeavour is universal. It is a rare treat to find books for children which are loved by both parents and children alike, and this will definitely be one of them."
- Amazon review

My illustrated history of Birmingham and the Lunar Society is sold in Birmingham art galleries, presented at school awards, and even purchased for wedding presents. I sign each copy.

A glossary at the end gives more information on the people and places mentioned in this unique history. A map is also included. Aimed at ages 8 and up. Published by Waverley Books, 2009. Second edition 2011. 64pp.